Sunday, July 22, 2012

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – July 22, 2012

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week.

Films Media Group:

  1. 9/11 Through Saudi Eyes
  2. A Good Death: Case Studies in End-of-Life Care
  3. Affirmative Action: The History of an Idea
  4. Are You Good or Evil?
  5. Aztecs: The Exposition of a Culture
  6. BMW: A Driving Obsession
  7. Boy Interrupted
  8. CNBC Titans: Steve Jobs
  9. Conquest and Colony—Spanish with Optional English Subtitles
  10. Disability and Sexuality: Exploring the Intimacy Option
  11. Distance Learning
  12. Environmental Sustainability in Business: Case Studies
  13. Facebook Factor: Social Networking for Profit
  14. From Prison to Home
  15. Hispanic Education at the Crossroads
  16. Hugo Chavez
  17. Human Planet: How Earth Made Us—The Untold Story of History
  18. Influences on the Health of Individuals
  19. Islam: Empire of Faith—The Awakening
  20. Islam: Empire of Faith—The Messenger
  21. Islam: Empire of Faith—The Ottomans
  22. Jerusalem: Center of the World — Part 1
  23. Jerusalem: Center of the World—Part 2
  24. Liquid Assets: The Big Business of Water
  25. Love
  26. Neuromarketing: Consumers Under the Influence
  27. Opposing Aggression and Bullying
  28. Recognizing Online Propaganda, Bias, and Advertising
  29. Starting a Bed and Breakfast: The StartUp Experience
  30. Starting a Restaurant: The StartUp Experience
  31. Strategies to Promote the Health of Individuals
  32. Target: Inside the Bullseye
  33. The Facebook Obsession
  34. The Korubo People of Amazonia
  35. The New Age of Walmart
  36. The New CSR: Collaborative Social Responsibility
  37. The Nuclear Option: Rethinking Atomic Energy
  38. Water: How Earth Made Us—The Untold Story of History
  39. Welcome to My World: Teens Explore Diversity
  40. Writing Women’s Lives

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