Sunday, March 25, 2012

NJVID Commons Collection Update - March 25, 2012

The following  videos from the NJEDge Faculty Showcase 2012 event were added to the NJVID Commons Videos Collection last week.

  1. "5 Course Hacks Any Humanist Can Try: Digital Humanities as a Teaching Playground"
  2. "What Do You Think?" - Promoting Student Collaboration using the Discussion Board
  3. A Hybrid Approach to English Basic Skills Instruction
  4. A Method to Online Course Design Madness: A Collaborative Approach
  5. Bridging the Divide: Transitioning from the Classroom to the Internet
  6. Creating Online Learning Spaces through Peer-to-Peer Blogging
  7. Creating Pedagogically Sound Hybrid Courses
  8. Creating a Helpdesk Where None Exists
  9. Critical Thinking and EAP in a Summer Bridge Program
  10. Differentiated Instruction Methods to address the needs of all students
  11. Making online class more social with Facebook
  12. Multiple Intelligences and Technology in the Classroom
  13. Online Information Literacy Instruction Goes the Distance in Real Time!
  14. Tactical Techniques For Excellence in Online Learning: Reaching Out Without Social Media
  15. The Artist's Electronic Source Book
  16. Unintended Consequences: Measuring Faculty Buy-in to Instructional Technology
  17. Using Piazza for Online Math, Physics and Chemistry Tutoring
  18. Using technology to create more time for helping students one-on-one
  19. Wiki-fy Your Class
  20. ePortfolio with Google Sites
  21. iPad Classroom Connection: Facilitating Academic Excellence

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