Sunday, January 22, 2012

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – January 22, 2012

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week.

Bullfrog Films :

  1. Valentino's Ghost

Films Media Group:

  1. Accepting Life's Transitions
  2. After the Boom
  3. Alcohol
  4. Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale
  5. Basic Nutrition
  6. Bill Moyers Reports: Trading Democracy
  7. Biomes of the Earth: Core Concepts Video Clip Library
  8. Brazilian Literature: The First 500 Years
  9. Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
  10. Cocaine and Crack
  11. Conquest and Colony
  12. Cult Witness: A Study of the Cultic Experience
  13. Dangers of Social Networking Video Clip Collection
  14. Finding Your Customers: Marketing and Advertising Your Business
  15. Food Safety and Disease Prevention
  16. Founding Mothers
  17. Fresh Food: What Is Farm-to-Table?
  18. From Romanticism to Realism
  19. Great empires of the past : core concepts video clip library
  20. Harvest of Loneliness: The Bracero Program
  21. Haywire: Children Living with Schizophrenia
  22. Inhalants
  23. Intelligence, Creativity, and Thinking Styles
  24. Into the Mind: Emotions
  25. Into the Mind: Mind Control
  26. I’m Coming Out
  27. Japanese Education in Crisis
  28. Japan’s About-Face: Rearming Japan and the Asian Balance of Power
  29. Joan of Arc: The Maid of Orleans
  30. Kiva: U.S.A.
  31. Looking Ahead: Exiting Your Business
  32. Managing Your Business: Prices, Finances, and Staffing
  33. Marijuana
  34. Modernismo
  35. Mysteries of Matter: Chemistry and the Elements, from Hennig Brandt to Humphry Davy
  36. Narcotics
  37. Narrating Modernity: Writers of the Mid-20th Century
  38. Nutrition and Eating Disorders
  39. Nutrition and Weight Management
  40. Nutrition for Sports and Exercise
  41. Planning Your Business: Research, Goals, and Business Plans
  42. Politicians and Revolutionaries
  43. Pre-Columbian literature
  44. Regionalism and Indigenism
  45. Religion and America's Role in the World: An Anthology
  46. Religion and International Affairs: An Anthology
  47. Schools of Thought: Teaching Children in America and Japan
  48. Skin Integrity and Pressure Ulcers
  49. Starting Your Business: Financing, Branding, and Regulations
  50. Sushi: A Bite of Culture, Aesthetics, and Nature
  51. The Avant-Garde of the 1920s
  52. The Body in Motion: Fitness, Skill, and Training
  53. The Body in Motion: Influences on Movement
  54. The Essence of Being Japanese
  55. The Facts about MRSA
  56. The Job Interview
  57. The Latin American Boom
  58. The Patient Care Nursing Team
  59. The Physics of Light
  60. The Progressive Era
  61. The Sexting Crisis Video Clip Collection
  62. Theater in Japan: Yesterday and Today
  63. Think b4 u Post: Your Reputation and Privacy on Social Networking Sites
  64. Tribal Wives: A Look into Tribal Family Life and Female Independence
  65. Tribal Wives: Challenging Western Views of Polygamy and Female Circumcision
  66. Tribal Wives: Western Taboos versus Tribal Traditions
  67. What Makes a Genius?
  68. Wound Management