Sunday, November 27, 2011

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – November 27, 2011

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week.

Films Media Group:

  1. A Personal Philosophy
  2. AIDS: A Global Crisis
  3. Athena and Aphrodite: Wisdom and Love
  4. August Wilson: The American Dream, in Black and White
  5. Breakdown
  6. Chemical Equations in the Real World
  7. Christianity and Judaism
  8. Come Celebrate with Me
  9. Dante’s Inferno
  10. Demeter: The Miracle of Fertility
  11. Dionysus: The Joy of Life
  12. Double Helix
  13. Evaluating business performance: Small Business Case Studies
  14. Global Climate Regions
  15. Greenhouse Earth: An Uncontrolled Experiment
  16. Healers of Ghana
  17. Here in the Mind
  18. Hinduism and Buddhism
  19. Islam
  20. King Lear
  21. Lenin’s Revolution
  22. Life and Death: Medical Ethics of the Schiavo Case
  23. Love's Confusing Joy
  24. Margaret Sanger
  25. Modern Myths
  26. Olivier’s Henry V
  27. Organizing America: The History of Trade Unions
  28. Paul Ehrlich and The Population Bomb
  29. People say I'm crazy
  30. Propaganda Wars: Japan and U.S.: The Battle for Hearts and Minds
  31. Public Relations
  32. Some Can Sing
  33. Swirl Like a Leaf
  34. The Environment: A Historical Perspective
  35. The Federal Theater, Project 891, and the Mercury Theater
  36. The Field of Time
  37. The Heart of Things
  38. The Passionate Statistician: Florence Nightingale
  39. Troy: Battlefield of Myth and Truth
  40. Welcome to the Mainland
  41. Who Authored the New Testament?
  42. Who Authored the Old Testament?

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