Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mobile device compatibility for Commercial Videos – October 9, 2011

NJVID is in the process of  introducing  additional streaming bit rates for Commercial videos which will enable users to view them on mobile devices such as  iPads and iPhones. The following videos were updated with new datastreams to enable mobile device compatibility.

Films Media Group Collection:

  1. Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the World
  2. Biotechnology and Your Health: Pharmaceutical Applications
  3. Bloody Cartoons
  4. Buffett and Gates Go Back to School
  5. Citizenship and Civic Responsibilities
  6. Confronting Discrimination and Prejudice
  7. Cry for Help
  8. Documenting the Face of America: Roy Stryker and the FSA/OWI Photographers
  9. Down…But Not Out! A Look at Situational Poverty
  10. Emerging Diseases: Prions and Viruses
  11. Fundamentalist Ferver
  12. Global Dump: Toxic Waste and the Planetary Ecosystem
  13. Heart of Darfur: Fighting an International Humanitarian Crisis
  14. How to Kill a Human Being: Methods of Execution
  15. In Search of Fort St. Joseph: Lessons in History, Culture, and Scientific Methodology
  16. Innovate or Die
  17. Introduction to Polymers
  18. Jeff Koons: A Man of Trust
  19. Made in Chicago: The Making of Barack Obama
  20. Metals
  21. Mind/Brain/Machine: Connections Between Disciplines
  22. Neurotic, Stress-Related, and Somatoform Disorders
  23. Nonmetals
  24. One Red Paperclip: Kyle MacDonald Makes the Deal of a Lifetime
  25. Other Metals
  26. Panic Attacks
  27. Paris Hilton, Inc.: The Selling of Celebrity
  28. Redefining Innovation
  29. Risky Business: Insuring Against the Future
  30. Safe as Houses: Real Estate Values and Mortgage Trading
  31. Superbugs: When Antibiotics Don't Work
  32. Supply and Demand
  33. Supply Theory: The Behavior of Profit-Maximizing Firms
  34. Ten Commandments of Resumes
  35. The Actinide Series
  36. The Chem Lab: Safety in Every Step
  37. The Conflict
  38. The Day We Learned to Think: The Evolution of Language and Cognition
  39. The Halogens
  40. The Human Element
  41. The Search for Clean Air
  42. The Senses
  43. The Transformation Age: Surviving a Technology Revolution with Robert X. Cringely
  44. To close to Heaven: The History of Gospel Music Pt 1 of 3
  45. To close to Heaven: The History of Gospel Music Pt 2 of 3
  46. Too Close to Heaven: the History of Gospel Music Pt 3 of 3
  47. Transition Metals
  48. Waiting on the World to Change: Poverty in Camden, New Jersey
  49. Who Did It
  50. Women and Men Unglued: Marriage and Relationships in the 21st Century
  51. Your Money, Your Life: Empowering Young Adults to Get Their Money Right

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