Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mobile device compatibility for Commercial Videos – October 30, 2011

NJVID is in the process of  introducing  additional streaming bit rates for Commercial videos which will enable users to view them on mobile devices such as  iPads and iPhones. The following videos were updated with new datastreams to enable mobile device compatibility.

Films Media Group Collection:

  1. A parasite primer
  2. A tale of modern slavery
  3. A treasury of plant medicines
  4. A war on science: intelligent design in the classroom
  5. Absorbing the light
  6. Aging: what an autopsy reveals
  7. Alkali metals
  8. Alkaline earth metals
  9. Aquatic biomes
  10. Babies' minds: Piagetian and Kleinian perspectives
  11. Bill Moyers journal: 9/11: for the record
  12. Bill Moyers journal: inside the banking crisis - an anthology. Pt. 1 of 2
  13. Bill Moyers journal: inside the banking crisis - an anthology. Pt. 2 of 2
  14. Brain and nervous system: your information superhighway
  15. Business ethics
  16. Challenge cases for differential diagnosis
  17. Computer security
  18. Desert biomes
  19. Educating to end inequity
  20. Email is ruining my life!
  21. Evangelical protestantism
  22. Game on!: inside the video game industry
  23. Get smart: learning to learn
  24. Global grassroots: the ramifications of globalization
  25. Global partnerships: the effects of globalization
  26. Grassland biomes
  27. Growing old
  28. Hamlet: a critical guide
  29. Handling social situations with finesse
  30. Henry David Thoreau: in his own words
  31. Hispanics in the media
  32. Hispanics: the changing role of women
  33. Homeostasis
  34. Hookworm
  35. How many people can live on planet earth?
  36. Humans and bacteria
  37. In brands we trust
  38. In context: To kill a mockingbird
  39. In the name of God: holy word, holy war
  40. In the name of liberation: freedom by any means
  41. In the name of revolution: gun-barrel politics
  42. Income distribution and the tax system
  43. Inferential statistics
  44. Insider and outsider
  45. Integrating ESL students into the classroom
  46. Islam and Christianity
  47. Islam and pluralism
  48. Islam and war
  49. James Baldwin
  50. Judaism
  51. Karl Marx and marxism
  52. Kate Chopin: five stories of an hour
  53. Laid-off steelworkers: dynamic change and labor productivity
  54. Langston Hughes: his life and times
  55. Langston Hughes: salvation
  56. MRSA-methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  57. Mad or bad?: psychologically assessing criminal competence
  58. Making friends: the science of social interaction
  59. Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn
  60. Market failure: externalities
  61. Market failure: monopoly
  62. Mathematics and computers
  63. Media history
  64. Money and banking
  65. Mood disorders
  66. Muscles
  67. Muscular system at work: the inner athlete
  68. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  69. Oedipus at Colonus
  70. Organic disorders
  71. Othello
  72. Our immune system
  73. Personality disorders
  74. Persuasion, propaganda, and photography
  75. Photographic storytelling
  76. Photography and the brain
  77. Photography: making art and recording life
  78. Picasso and his time
  79. Plea bargains: dealing for justice
  80. Post-traumatic stress disorder
  81. Racial profiling and law enforcement: America in black and white
  82. Radio history
  83. Rainforest biomes
  84. Reading improvement
  85. Reporting on terrorism: the news media and public health - a Fred Friendly seminar
  86. Reproduction: designer babies
  87. Respiratory system: intake and exhaust
  88. Sacred sounds: music of the world, songs of the soul
  89. Schizophrenia and delusional disorders
  90. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  91. Teach me different: effective teaching methods
  92. Technocops
  93. The Madoff affair
  94. The bottom line: privatizing the world
  95. The business plan
  96. The wilderness
  97. Ties that bind: connecting communities across religious boundaries
  98. To catch a killer: the use and abuse of criminal profiling
  99. Truth or fiction?: photography and ethics
  100. Tundra biomes
  101. Wind of change: the end of colonialism in Africa

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