Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mobile device compatibility for Commercial Videos – October 23, 2011

NJVID is in the process of  introducing  additional streaming bit rates for Commercial videos which will enable users to view them on mobile devices such as  iPads and iPhones. The following videos were updated with new datastreams to enable mobile device compatibility.

Films Media Group Collection:

  1. Africa: war is business

  2. Essentials of faith: Buddhism

  3. H5N1: killer flu

  4. Hot tips for classroom management

  5. How we study children: observation and experimentation

  6. Human bondage: the evolution of bond trading

  7. In search of common ground: remaking public policy on human life issues

  8. In the name of Allah

  9. In the name of Christ

  10. In the name of the state: when might makes right

  11. Inside American Airlines

  12. Integrating media into the classroom: practice and case studies

  13. Interdependence of life

  14. Interviewing strategies

  15. Introduction to photography and visual literacy

  16. Is there a crisis?: biodiversity in decline

  17. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

  18. Keeping it together: cell membranes

  19. London: the post-imperial city

  20. Malawi: a nation going hungry

  21. Muslims in America: Islam in exile

  22. Mysticism and the perennial philosophy: Huston Smith speaks

  23. Native Americans: celebrating traditions

  24. Never again?: genocide since the Holocaust

  25. New York: the world's city

  26. NewsHour business ethics anthology. Pt. 1 of 2

  27. NewsHour business ethics anthology. Pt. 2 of 2

  28. Our planet earth

  29. Outsourcing: white collar exodus

  30. Pablo Neruda: Chile's master poet

  31. Peasants, serfs, and servitude

  32. Personality and interests

  33. Polygamy

  34. Prejudice: more than black and white

  35. Propaganda

  36. Race on trial

  37. Resumes: a how-to guide

  38. Rotavirus

  39. Safe as houses: real estate values and mortgage trading

  40. Separate and unequal

  41. Shopping to belong: a documentary

  42. Standing up as a citizen

  43. Stress management

  44. Sustainable landscaping: growing a greener home

  45. Taboo: blood bonds

  46. Tal como somos: the Latino GBT community

  47. Tarteso, el reino legendario de Argantonio

  48. Terrorism: bioattack - a Fred Friendly seminar

  49. The 51st state: America's working poor

  50. The 7/7 bombers: a psychological investigation

  51. The Al Qaeda code: Internet video and the radicalization of Muslim youth

  52. The America of the Amish

  53. The American transcendentalists: Concord, Massachusetts

  54. The Baroque period

  55. The Greek awakening: art from the 5th century B.C.

  56. The Renaissance theatre

  57. The Stockholm solution: new therapies for eating disorders

  58. The all-American drug: heroin in suburbia and the heartland

  59. The bottom line in education: 1980 to the present

  60. The future of life: searching for solutions

  61. The future of the web: XML

  62. The impact of global warming

  63. The lanthanide series

  64. The periodic table

  65. The responsibility revolution

  66. The trend: where fashion begins

  67. The witness: from the balcony of room 306

  68. Tillie Olsen: "I stand here ironing"

  69. Tokyo: the neon city

  70. Traveling in France: booking passage, booking rooms

  71. Update on the kids from Camden: keeping hopes and dreams alive

  72. Voices of power: African-American women

  73. Walk in our shoes: speaking out about sterilization

  74. What employers want: skills and attitudes

  75. Which way next for Iran?

  76. Why is there a crisis?: environmental exploitation

  77. Why the hate?: America, from a Muslim point of view

  78. Why we buy

  79. Windows on the mind: children's drawings

  80. Winslow Homer: society and solitude. Pt. 2 of 2

  81. Women in classical Greek drama

  82. World War II: the road to war

  83. World War II: the world at war

  84. Writing online

  85. Your immune system

  86. eBay: managing success

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