Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mobile device compatibility for Commercial Videos – October 2, 2011

NJVID is in the process of  introducing  additional streaming bit rates for Commercial videos which will enable users to view them on mobile devices such as  iPads and iPhones. The following videos were updated with new datastreams to enable mobile device compatibility.

Films Media Group Collection

  1. Adam Smith: the wealth of nations
  2. Accommodating different learning styles
  3. An introduction to web site design
  4. Anti-semitism in the 21st century: the resurgence
  5. Balance
  6. Battle of the brains: the case for multiple intelligences
  7. Beginning with bonjour: hello and what follows
  8. Belle & bunty fashions: attracting investments through brand image
  9. Beowulf. Part 1
  10. Beowulf. Part 2
  11. Birth of a language
  12. Buddhism
  13. Career and life values
  14. Carlos V: un monarca, un imperio, y una espada
  15. Cells: the building blocks of life
  16. Chemical equations
  17. Christian vs. Christian
  18. Communicating social support
  19. Conformity: in the real-life lab
  20. Corporate social responsibility: from principles to profit
  21. Costs and benefits of government regulation: opportunity costs, trade-offs, and secondary effects
  22. Crisis in Darfur
  23. Cyberbullying: cruel intentions
  24. CyberSecurity
  25. Cyberstalker: hard lessons of Internet safety
  26. Do women make less money?: wage discrimination
  27. Egyptology: Tutankhamun's tomb and the Rosetta Stone
  28. Einstein made relatively easy
  29. Emerging diseases
  30. English goes underground
  31. English in America
  32. Explaining globalization
  33. Expressing the inexpressible: Shirin Neshat
  34. Extinct species: red alert to humanity
  35. Farm subsidies: subsidies and political behavior
  36. Flood insurance: subsidies and secondary effects
  37. Freakonomics with Levitt and Dubner
  38. Gary Hill: transcending the senses
  39. Genetics and evolution
  40. Global capital market: risks and rewards
  41. Globalization and the media
  42. Greed: gains from trade and wealth creation
  43. Inferential statistics
  44. Inside the mind of Adolf Hitler
  45. Is making money good or bad?: the role of profits and losses
  46. Is sharing good?: economics of private property rights
  47. Ladies first: Rwandan women help heal their nation
  48. Let's talk about it: domestic violence
  49. Missing women: female-selective abortion and infanticide
  50. No child left behind: the case of City Springs
  51. Novel reflections on the American dream
  52. Organizing quantitative data
  53. Pharmaceutical prices: profits, price controls, and secondary effects
  54. Poverty and entrepreneurship
  55. Poverty in the U.S.
  56. Power of art: Bernini
  57. Power of art: Caravaggio
  58. Power of art: David
  59. Power of art: Rothko
  60. Rent control: price controls
  61. School choice: education and the role of competition
  62. Ted Turner gives to UN: investment and property
  63. Underage batboy: regulation of labor markets
  64. Wal-Mart: competition and costs
  65. Why steak gets to New York: market coordination and the invisible hand

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